Indoor/Outdoor lighting

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Indoor/Outdoor lighting electrician in West Orange, New Jersey

Planning interior lighting includes selecting the fixtures, where they will be placed, and determining how lighting can be used to accent specific design elements. Nearly every homeowner and business wants to conserve energy and find ways to reduce energy costs. Lighting choices can influence the energy efficiency of your home or business. We can show you how to save energy when creating a plan for interior lighting.

Landscape lighting can be installed virtually anywhere on the grounds, lending beauty, ambiance and functionality to a space. Improve your West Orange, New Jersey and Short Hills, New Jersey home’s curb appeal by adding lighting to your driveways, backyards, patios, and gardens. Those are just some of the places where landscape lighting can make a stunning difference. West Orange Electricians will help your property stand out!

We offer design and installation for various lighting types, such as:

  • Task lighting to provide sufficient light where it is needed
  • Ambient lighting to fill every room with light
  • Accent lighting to focus on a specific design feature
  • Lighting automation for convenience and security